What is Probate?

Probate is the process by which an “Estate” is distributed according to Will or law to heirs of a deceased. It involves the appointment of an Executor or Administrator, the collection of assets and debts, the filing of an Inheritance Tax return and the distribution of assets. Dealing with the probate process while grieving can be a trying experience. At Pecori & Pecori we have guided thousand of estates through the probate process. It is our goal to make what can be a confusing process as simple and stress-free as possible.

Over the last several years, I am not special in the sense to have experienced the death of some family members.  I am special however in the sense that I had been named executor over a few of those estates, all of which have “special” circumstances. It seemed as though every circumstance came with a question which lead to another question which lead to frequent discussions with Rob and his need to visit the courthouse on my behalf on more occasions than either of us anticipated.  No matter the issue at hand or no matter the questions I had, Rob always made himself available to me and provided me with counsel on how to proceed with some of the delicate matters at hand.  For this reason, I would confidently use the services of Pecori and Pecori for myself as well as recommend anyone else whom I know personally to use their services.

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